Aboriginal Artifacts

Australian Aboriginal artifacts

Unique collection of aboriginal arts and crafts items bullroarers, clap sticks, pottery, wood carving, message stones, nulla nulla, woomera and more

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Aboriginal Nulla Nulla - Hand Burnt
Aboriginal round headed nulla nulla by Kevin Nolan - limited edition - collectable items Nulla Nulla..
Ex Tax: A$437.00
Aboriginal Bullroarer - Hand Burnt
Aboriginal Bullroarer - Hand Burnt Bullroarers are traditionally used by Australian Aboriginese in s..
Ex Tax: A$89.00
Aboriginal Bullroarer - Contemporary Art
Aboriginal Bullroarer - Contemporary Art, or Dot Art Bullroarers are traditionally used by Australia..
Ex Tax: A$109.00
Aboriginal Clap Sticks - Hand Burnt
Aboriginal Clap Sticks - hand burnt Clap sticks, or clapping sticks are traditionally used by Austra..
Ex Tax: A$99.00
Aboriginal Emu Caller - Dot Art
Emu Caller - Dot Art, or Contemporary Art The emu callers are traditionally used by Australian Abor..
Ex Tax: A$79.00
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