Aboriginal Art

Unique Australian Aboriginal Arts and Crafts Section

A unique collection of paintings, didgeridoo, boomerangs, bullroarers, clap sticks, music and books

In this section we introduce the widest range of Australian aboriginal paintings, cultural items and artifacts including   
  • Aboriginal art paintings and prints
  • Returning sports boomerang
  • Hunting and Aboriginal art boomerangs
  • Nulla nulla and fighting clubs
  • Bullroarers and Clap sticks
  • Books about aboriginal culture
  • Aboriginal music, photo and video
Aborigines association with the land was ritualised through a spiritual belief system, known as the Dreamtime.

Since no written forms existed, it was expressed in stories, songs, dance, paintings and crafts, accumulating feelings and experience of people for more then forty thousand years.

Morden Aboriginal artists continue  customs of generations, creating powerful spiritual paintings and artifacts with the use of both contemporary and traditional materials

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