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Toys, what's so unique in our soft toys collection? Three things: range, design and quality

soft toys animals collection koala kangaroo possum elephant emu wombat

There is definitely gift for everyone here. For easy search, we classified the wide range of toys to the following sections:

= Australian animals toys - koala, kangaroo, wombat, platypus
= African animals toys - elephants, lions, monkeys, giraffe
= Dogs & domestic animals - cow, horse, bunny, piglet
= Teddy bears

All toys are carefully selected from the leading Australian toy companies with consistent quality, great designs, modern and safe materials

Soft toys terminology vary in different countries: they are called plush toys or stuffed animals in the USA, cuddly toys in the UK, soft toys or stuffed toys in Australia. To make it clear to all customers we call them "soft toys", meaning the toy sewn from terry cloth or similar material and filled or stuffed with polyester fiber.

The history of commercially made soft toys starts in 1903, when the bear, rabbit and monkey designs were patented by German, American and English manufacturers however, it's considered that the Germans were the first.

To search our range of toys by particular animal please, use build in product search window in the top right corner

Many toys in our collection can be customized with printed or embroidered logo and text for promotional purposes or as corporate gifts. For a list of toys available for customization please enter corporate toy in a search window

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